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This open directory is here for all, especially volunteers or activists within TZM to locate information to assist themselves, or others involved with TZM, and to be better informed of TZM activities, globally. The information in this directory is frequently updated.

This is put together and managed by the TZMGCT through direct communication with branches of TZM. The information is gathered and formatted, in order to make it easier to navigate to the various branches of TZM. If there is any incorrect or missing information on anything listed here, we kindly ask you to contact us immediately. If you are interested in starting a local chapter, founding a new team, or starting a project, please contact us so that we may assist in sharing suggestions and creating an open notice on social media, so others in TZM are informed. We will then also place your proposal in our directory. Also we would appreciate any feedback as to how our system is working.

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Contribute to TZM

Would you like to promote, support, or be a part of TZM? Do you want to invite TZM representatives to present at your or third party event? Would you like to make a donation to TZM? Learn more about how you can help make the world more sustainable and help TZM.

Starting a Branch

Are you interested in starting a chapter, a team, or a project? Do you want some tips or advice on how to start? Would you like to find people in your area that can possibly assist? Here are some suggestions and resources that can help you.

Hosting an Event

Do you want to host an activist event, a Zeitgeist-Day, a Zeitgeist Media Festival, or become involved with the Zeitgeist European Meetups? Here we will fill you in on the framework of hosting these events, give you the right materials, contacts, and preparations to make your event a success.


Zeitgeist-Day 2019

Tenth annual Global Z-Day in Argentina

The crowd funding campaign has been a success and the first global event in Latin America will have a translator on the day and now just needs to know who will be there to have a well run event. If you are actually going to Buenos Aires, Argentina then you can reserve a seat. Otherwise, checkout your local chapter to see if they are doing a Zday event!

Zeitgeist European Meet-Up 2019

Third Zeitgeist European Meet-Up in Enköping, Sweden

The third Zeitgeist European Meet-Up will take place in Enköping, Sweden. With the collaboration of the city and others, this will be one of the largest events TZM has ever held. More information will be released very soon, as the countdown to the event continues. Click here to learn more.

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